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Research & Development


Innovation that Yields More Opportunities

Fiore places tremendous importance on applying our extensive knowledge and experience to create innovations for customers that help them expand their opportunities. We can leverage our range of pilot equipment, including ribbon and plow blenders, a spray dryer and a fully gluten-free bakery, to help you finalize development projects, scale up economically into production and capitalize on market potential.  For example, Fiores’s plow and ribbon pilot blenders can each produce approximately 50 to 100 pound batches, depending on the bulk density. This allows for multiple test runs if needed so that production size batches can be run with confidence.

Pilot Lab
Fiore’s pilot lab is the perfect place to develop new product ideas. Our experienced personnel can apply their development expertise across a wide range of ingredient families to help you create new or improved blends and to solve production challenges. We stay on top of the latest developments in the food ingredient industry, and that knowledge gives us insights and a strong understanding of best practices for addressing blend challenges and making production more efficient.