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Recreating comfort foods. Our goal is to provide delicious upscale taste with the convenience, consistency and labor-savings benefits of frozen food. Consistent with the culinary philosophy at Fiore Di Pasta. We use only the finest, freshest, seasonable ingredients. Whether you are looking for down home Macaroni and Cheese or slow cooked Chicken Cacciatore we have many delicious solutions waiting for you.

Fiore Di Pasta, the brand you can trust for Taste & Tradition!

  • Available in Retail & Food Service Packs
  • Custom Formulations Available Tray Sizes: 10 oz to 96 oz
  • Now Available in Skillet Meal or Microwave Cooking Applications
  • 10 oz to 80 oz meals.

Risotto, Base Ready To Use

  • Risotto Base ( Imported Italian Rice in a White Wine Base )

Lasagna Sheets, Made with Semolina Flour & Eggs ( 10″ Long¬† x 8″ Wide), Par Cooked

  • Lasagna Sheets , Approx 4 oz Each , Par Cooked

Specialty Pasta

  • Gnocchi, Potato, Uncooked I Q F
  • Cheese Manicotti ( Ricotta, Mozzarella, Romano & Asiago Cheese ) Par Cooked
  • Veal & Spinach Cannelloni¬† (Braised Veal, Spinach & Bachemel Sauce) Par Cooked
  • Cheese Stuffed Shells (Ricotta, Mozzarella, Romano, Asiago Cheese) Par Cooked