About Fresno Body Works

We are a Direct Repair Provider for most major insurance carriers here in the Valley. If your insurance carrier requires you to obtain more than one written estimate, please consider us first. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Our History

Clynn “Doc” Dockstader and Jeff Dockstader, his son, founded Fresno Body Works in 1976. Doc spent most of his career operating a gas station and auto repair shop. Jeff had grown up at the gas station. He loved cars, had completed an auto body repair course at Fresno City College, and worked as an insurance adjustor. Their business serviced vehicles, repaired collision damage, and towed vehicles, as well. Doc and Jeff were used to long hours at the gas station and, true to form; they dedicated themselves to this new venture. From the beginning, hard work and customer service has been the unwavering standard at Fresno Body Works. Doc and Jeff honed their craft and also made time for their professional organizations. Doc was president of the Fresno chapter of the Automotive service Council. Jeff served for years in leadership roles for the Fresno chapter of the California Autobody Association, including two terms as president. Jeff hosted many industry training classes, including as instructor for I-Car classes in Fresno and Visalia. When Doc retired in 1994, another son, David, bought the auto repair part of the business, and Jeff continued the autobody business. Today, Fresno Body Works remains true to its beginnings—hard work and customer service—and has become an important innovating force in this region’s autobody industry.